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Join us Monday September 25th for an exclusive sit-down with Porter Stansberry and a special VIP guest.

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Since launching Porter & Co. a little over a year ago, this is the moment I've been waiting for.

A private broadcast where I can finally share a method of investing that I've never discussed publicly.

An approach I've wanted to share with my readers for well over a decade but for reasons I'll explain, couldn't.

A unique, contrarian, and controversial approach that can deliver some of the largest financial gains you're ever likely to see.

I call it The Catalyst.

Because when this force is brought to bear on a company, it acts as a catalyst that is almost guaranteed to drive a stock through the roof.

And on Monday, September 25th - for the first time ever - I'll be sharing this exclusively with you and your fellow Porter & Co. members.

My guest (a Wall Street hall of famer) and I will pull back the curtain on this unique method and show you how to take advantage of it.

We will show you why this is among the best ways to compound your money no matter what is going on in the world.

We will show you how it leverages one of the most powerful forces on Wall Street to drive stock prices from the gutter to new all-time highs.

We will show you why it's the secret weapon used by the world's wealthiest money managers to practically force spectacular investment returns.

Most importantly, we will show you how you can use this approach to potentially book annualized returns as high as 50%…

Including a full breakdown of two publicly traded companies my guest says could be about to enter huge rallies from near all-time lows.

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